Wednesday, February 21, 2018

England World Cup 1970 Progress

England appeared on the Umbro lightweight aertex shirts worn at the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. Font with the standard Umbro font style.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Font 2016-17 SD Eibar in Japanese Kanji

On January 22, 2017 ahead of Barcelona's Estadio Ipurua visit, SD Eibar players took to the field wearing shirts with their names in Japanese on the pre-match. The opportunity to cater to their Japanese fanbase by adopting the Japanese language for the televised fixture, with the Takashi Inui's presence has seen Japanese followers of the club grow hugely in number. Match againts Barcelona bringing with them a mammoth television audience in order to take advantage. 

The SD Eibar original plan was to have the printing present during the match itself yet La Liga regulations prevented such a move. For the purpose of aiding the match official, the name on the back of player's shirts must be understood by the referee. The match was worn by Barcelona with 4-0.

Font SD Eibar 2016-17 Kits

Spainish club SD Eibar, 2016-17 season 3rd consecutive season in La Liga, finishing in 10th these season to ensure another year in the Spanish top flight. Kits supply by Puma.

Tommie Smith Puma Suede Sneakers Part 3

The third second Tommie Smitch sneakers series by Puma released in 2016, Tommie Smith Black History Month or Puma Tommie Smith BHM (The month of February always brings out a number of celebratory pairs for Black History Month). The Puma Black History Month Pack includes both the Puma Suede sneakers and the Sky II High sneakers, both featuring Smith’s iconic silhouette on the tongue. The shoes feature multicolored geometric prints and heather gray jersey detailing.
Puma Tommie Smith Suede BHM Statement
Puma Tommie Smith Suede BHM Jersey
Puma Tommie Smith Sky II BHM Jersey

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tommie Smith Puma Suede Sneakers Part 2

I'm continue with the second Tommie Smith sneakers series by Puma. A follow up 2008 release from the Tommie Smith x Puma Suede collection are a two-pack of sneakers based on another Puma classic, the Clyde. 

Tommie Smith x Puma Clyde:
Puma tribute the US Olympic legend Tommie Smith in the 40th Anniversary for the second series with the Puma Clyde, in both gold and navy colorways. One flashy, the other calm, both feature the numbers 19.83, in reference to Smith’s world record setting time in the 200 meter, as well as “Mexico City” written beneath the Puma logo. Both styles reference the location, the 1968 Olympics.

Gold Clydes:
Clyde featuring an upper made out of metallic gold leather, with an embossed 1968 Mexico City Olympic gold medal all over pattern. Other details include an embossed gold medal and the tongue labels display his record breaking time of 19.83 seconds in the 200M race.

Navy Suede Clydes:
Shoes have been lined with a metallic gold leather lining, a reference to his gold medal win. Other details include an embossed gold medal, “Mexico City” written beneath the Puma logo. & lateral and the tongue labels display his record breaking time of 19.83 s in the 200M race.

Image comparison between two Tommie Smith Puma Suede X series.  The Puma Suede with "Suede" written  beneath the Puma logo instead of "Mexico City" for Clyde series. Another featuring, word "68" on Puma Suede tongue labels.

Tommie Smith Puma Suede Sneakers Part 1

Recently I'm working on the Tracksuits kits as worn by the team USA track team during the 1968 Olympic game in Mexico City, Mexico. I was excited to learn about the iconic Tommie Smith story and 
his Puma shoes. As not only a winner of an Olympic medal in 1968 but also as a cultural activist, here i'm sharing what I'm learn about Tommie Smith Puma sneakers.

2018, Puma 50th anniversary celebrations of its iconic Suede silhouette and on this day in 1968 at the Summer Games October 16th in Mexico City, American athlete Tommie Smith broke the 200m world record in PUMA spikes, who then walked towards the podium to receive his medal, he had in his left hand one of his Puma suede shoe’s revealing him wearing black socks to further protest that black lives mattered. This here became an iconic moment in sporting history. For America, the year 1968 was the year people were fighting for human rights around the world. 

Tommie Smith Puma Suede X 

For the first part of the Tommie Smith Puma sneakers, Puma tribute Tommie Smith in the 40th Anniversary of the history on August 2008 with Tommie Smith x Puma collection pack which features four different Suedes, each symbolizing different parts of Tommie Smith’s legendary Olympic run in ‘68. Coming with colorways, red, grey, black and brown/gold. All over print of the fist raised in the sky, which represented the Black Power Movement as a gloss pattern over the suede. Tommie Smith who won gold in the 200-meter dash at the Mexico 1968 Olympics, performed the Black Power Salute along with bronze medalist John Carlos when receiving their medals. 

Graphic Elements

The Tommie Smith Puma Suides with a repeating fist monogram along the upper as well as include graphic logo golden accents. 

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Team USA 1968 Olympic Mexico Track Suits

Illustrate the USA track team kits during the Olympic Mexico 1968 at the Mexico City. The jacket and pants supply by the WILSON label.